Geysir is a must visit while in Iceland. If you are doing golden circle – most famoust touristic route in Iceland you will find it on the way. There are tho geysers erupting in geothermal are. One of them erupts rarely while other one erupts each 8 minutes.
Strokkur geyser is what you are looking for. When you reach area and get into geothermal park just look for a place where most of the tourist are gathered. When you reach geyser area just wait and you will definitely observe the eruption. You will see boiling, steaming water moving in geyser area and in a few minutes you will be able to see eruption. It can erupt up to 40 metres.
In the park there are some benches so you can take some food, drinks with you and stay even whole day watching eruptions.

Double eruption

Double eruptions quite rare for Strokkur. I was very lucky to capture this momment. I arrived to geysir geothermal park just before midnight. And I didn’t have to wait too long – it happened. Geyser erupted twice just in a matter of seconds.

Finding place – EASY
Distance from Reykjavik – 116 km.

Geysir double eruption captured on midnight