Raudamelsölkelda mineral water spring

Raudamelsölkelda is a natural mineral water spring which is coming straight from the depths of earth. The water in Raudamelsölkelda has carbonic acid so you can see bubbles coming up (like boiling water). Water is drinkable and tastes very good (like expensive mineral water from the shop) ! So don’t forget to take some empty bottles to fill up.
To find this spring you will have to turn right from road 54 to GERDUBERG CLIFFS and drive straight around 10 -15 minutes until you will find parking area. Take a walk through lava field towards to waterfall and turn right when path split. It can take some time until you will notice it. We met a lot of tourists who couldn’t find the spring.

Finding place – IT CAN TAKE TIME
Distance from Reykjavik – 120 km.
Fees – 1000 ISK (Crossing Hvalfjördur Tunnel)

Raudamelsolkelda natural mineral spring

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