Iceland Stonehenge – The Arctic Henge


In the very north of Iceland there is a small village called Raufarhofn. There we can find this very old monument. You will be able to see it even before reaching the village. It stand proudly up the hill. The village itself is very calm. We didn’t even saw not even 1 person. And gas price in here is probably highest in Iceland so make sure to fill your tank somewhere else.

The Arctic Henge monument has symbolic relict of 72 dwarves who represents seasons in the world. 72 small blocks, each inscribed with a specific dwarven name will eventually circle four larger stone monuments, which in turn will surround a central balanced column of massive basalt blocks. Visitors should be able to “capture the midnight sun” by viewing it through the various formations at different vantage points depending on the season. But when we were there it was cloudy.. 

Place looks very mysterious. We found drawings of predictions what should be the meaning of this monument. And it looked like it was some kind of gates to city places. But the monument is on the hill, so probably it is something different. 

So if you are traveling north make sure to visit this one spot. 


Finding place – EASY
Distance from Reykjavik – 610 km.

Iceland Stonehenge – The Arctic Henge