After not writing for a long time as our travel plans were destroyed, I decided to give small insight on COVID in Iceland and start writing again. For now all main information can be found on In this short article you will find just small insights of what to expect. And the picture is taken from Iceland media as most used COVID-19 picture.

I will be getting more information in smaller details later on how economy, travels and people life changed in Iceland in the last year.

Here at Iceland, we’re committed to making sure that we are not infecting others as much as we can, at least in 2021. Make sure you are safe with your travel plans when visiting Iceland as much as you can.

Is it safe to visit Iceland now?
In January 2021, Iceland is ready to welcome anyone from not blacklisted country who is taking 2 tests and quarantine after arrival.

Since opening the approach June 15th, there are new cases, mostly from Icelanders coming back from abroad. As a result, the govt has tightened social distancing rules again to stay Iceland safe. Testing and tracing remain a strength in Iceland.

But we’d still recommend that you simply download the tracking app during your stay so you’ll help keep both yourself and Iceland safe.

Are there any travel restrictions to Iceland? what’s the arrival policy at the Icelandic border?
On August 14, 2020, the Icelandic government updated its border policy. From August 19, 2020, everyone arriving in Iceland must quarantine for five to six days after a border screening which costs 9,000 ISK when purchased during pre-registration. it’ll cost you 11,000 ISK if paying for a test on arrival.

Following your 5-6 day quarantine, you’re required to require another test freed from charge at an area clinic . If you test negative after the quarantine period, you’ll travel freely within the country. Those born in 2005 or later are exempt from the COVID-19 screening and quarantine rules.

For more details on the border policy, you’ll check the official website as it changes often.

Is everything open in Iceland now?
As of October 30, 2020, the Icelandic government has tightened restrictions in Iceland to regulate the spread of COVID-19. Many places has gone to bankruptcy or closed for some time. But there are always places which are open and welcoming.

Social distancing requirements for people that aren’t related or closely connected are 2 meters. Face-mask wearing is obligatory when this distance can’t be maintained.

With certain exceptions, public gatherings are limited to 10 people. Audiences at stage performances, cinema showings, and other cultural events are now limited to 50 people, where audience members must sit in numbered seats.

Restaurants are allowed to stay open with proper social distancing until 10 pm but might not admit new guests after 9 pm.

Swimming pools may remain open but might not exceed 50% capacity.

These restrictions will remain in effect until February 16, 2020. Iceland’s main attraction – nature, remains open even when restrictions are in affect .

For the foremost up-to-date information on Iceland’s COVID-19 restrictions, please visit Iceland’s Official Ministry of Health website.

Can I fly to Iceland right now?
Iceland’s flag carrier airline now runs flights from 10 destinations, including NY , Amsterdam, Boston, Copenhagen, and London. Also many other airlines are flying into country but always has to be checked as there are many cancelations.

Other airlines have already started flying again or are getting to soon. For example:

Wizz Air – now running scheduled flights from Vienna, Warsaw, and more.
SAS – now flying to and from Copenhagen and Oslo.
EasyJet – now running scheduled flights from London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.
Atlantic Airways – now flying between Keflavík and therefore the Faroe Islands once every week .
For the foremost current information on airlines and flights traveling to Iceland, you’ll visit Keflavik International Airport’s Airlines and Destinations page.

What happens if my travel plans are interrupted?
If your plans are interrupted due to flight cancellations or the other COVID-19 related reasons just stay at home and travel when you will be able to.

Everything is changing very fast in here so make sure to get new information all the time when you need.

2021 Of Iceland With COVID-19
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