Before going to Gjain I expected to see small valley with few waterfalls. But when we reached destination –  it was overhelming.

There are many small waterfalls (I wasn’t even counting how many – a lot !), ponds and strangely beautiful volcanic structures. It took more than 1 hour to hike around this valley reaching all the corners of it. But I could spend all day there. 

Before going for a hike make sure you have good hiking shoes. If you want to see everything what Gjain can offer you will have to cross few rivers jumping on slippery rocks and climb up few rocky hills. 

Last kilometers of road is only for 4 WD. But we saw a lot of people leaving their cars and reaching Gjain on foot.

Finding place – EASY
Distance from Reykjavik – 136 km.

Gjain – Oasis in Iceland