Reykjadalur valley is not so far from Reykjavik – only 46 km so it’s perfect for a day trip. To reach bathing spot – hot river you will have to go for a hike which is about 3 km one way and takes around 1 hour. Hike starting point is in Hveragerdi which can be reached from Reykjavik via bus, car or hitchhiking. In Hveragerdi you will find parking lot with many cars – thats a hot spot of tourists. But river is long and you will find a spot for you so no worries.

On the way to river you will see many hot springs and mud pools.  The trail is at times steep and narrow but if there is no snow it is an easy hike. During snowy period you will have to mind your steps. Steepy slopes can be very slippery. When you will spot a gorgeous waterfall – it’s somewhere in a midleway just know that’s halfway done ! When you will reach the river you will find a lot of people bathing but the river is long so there is enough space for everybody.

The temperature of water in the river rises when you go up. More upper you go – more hot it will be. So you can choose the place which fits you the most. Also there are a lot of spots which had been made by stacking rocks across the river bed creating a dam.  The deepest points of river are no more than 1 m.

Near the river you will find changing cabins but no toilets.

We went to Reykjadalur valley 2 times – in winter and in summer. Winter visit was much more exciting – you sit in hot river and snow is falling on you.. Video was captured in summer time and photos were taken in winter.


Finding place – EASY
Distance from Reykjavik – 46 km.

Reykjadalur Hot River