Surtshellir lava cave is longest this type of cave in Iceland – 1,5 km. Cave roof in some places reach 10 metres high and in some places you have to crawl. It is located in Hallmundarhraun lava field.

To explore this cave you will definitely need good light source. My recommendation is this Waterproof rechargable LED headlight. And also some good hiking shoes. Other people recommend also a helmet but is helmet going to save you if cave collapses ? In cave the temperature will fall down. Warm clothing is recommended.

There are 3 entrances to get into cave and 10 openings in total. I recommend to explore every option. Small red points on the picture marks entrances.

To enter the cave you will have to climb down through many rocks which are here because long time ago roof of cave has collapsed. Also nowadays there is a high risk of collapsing. This cave is not suitable for small childrens.

On your way in the cave you will be in absolute darkness. Don’t forget to watch your step as there are many rocks fallen down from roof. You will see amazing cave formations which has been created by lava flow. Walls has layers of magma and basalt. On the floor of the cave you can find fallen fragments of solidified lava – which ones looks amazing.

Many tourists and travelers think that this cave is reachable only with guide that you need to hire thats why it’s not so crowded, we saw only few people around this are. Just know that you can reach it and explore it by yourself.

Finding place – First entrance is east to spot but for other ones you will have to walk for a while to find them.
Distance from Reykjavik – 146 km.

Surtshellir lava caves