Yes, Reykjavik is very expensive and tourists spend a lot money to see things. But if you are on a budget there are also lot of things to do for free to get a good memmories. In this article you will find a list of FREE THINGS TO DO IN REYKJAVIK. Most of locations you can find marked in OUR TRAVEL MAP.

1. Grotta

This place is good for birdwatching, collecting shells, sea urchins, crabs, visiting a lighthouse. It’s about 25-30 minutes walk from downtown or if you lazy you can take a bus number 11. Mention that the site is closed during May 1st – July 15th due to conservation.


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2. Kvika Footbath

On the way to Grotta you can find a very cosy hot spring footbath which is on the coast of ocean. It fits 2-3 persons. Feels nice to sit with warm feets looking at beautiful view.


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3. Street art in Reykjavik downtown

Just walk along the streets, try to explore as much as you can and be surprised what artworks you can find.


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4. Geldinganes old ship

Take a walk in Geldinganes and explore, find old wrecked ship. Usually there is no people in this place.



5. Stand-up comedy

Enjoy free stand up comedy in english which happens every monday in Gaukurinn.

6. Elliðaárdalur Park

Explore big park, feed free running bunnies, relax near waterfall.


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7. Reykjavik Harbour

Explore harbour with many statues, old ships and nice views all around.


8. Sculpture Garden

Sculpture garden near Hallgrimskirkja church with a lot of strange and professionally made sculptures.


9. Northern lights

You can enjoy them for free. I wrote an article before about why not to buy northern lights tours. You can find it >>HERE<<.


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